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June Long Weekend at Kempsey

Well the weather again was not ideal for this weekend but hey it was a chance to get away for a short break.
Well Peter & I had a good trip up, but we were wondering where all the driver revivers were. There were none after Bulahdelah. So therefore our last well deserved cuppa was at Kempsey. 
Most everyone who was going were already there, Colin & Patricia, Jeff, Les, Bob, George & June, Ted &Wendy, Dennis & Betty. Our accommodation only had to have our final set up, eg put blankets etc in place.
The dinner was well served & plenty to go round. But the Saturday was a little bit cloudy in the morning. Some of us decided to go to the Markets at South West Rocks. It was a good drive & walk around the markets we arrived back to a nice lunch that was provided & then spent the afternoon playing cards, talking & reading.
That night’s dinner was once again set up plenty to eat, including dessert which all went down well. After another evening of chatting we all went to bed to the tune of RAIN & more RAIN. In the morning the weather hadn’t improved much.
Although we thought it might clear.  We headed off for the run for the day which was to a Lemon Myrtle plantation, where we had morning tea of all the things possible to have with lemon myrtle. It was different. 
After the discussion about the plantation it was time to go to the Little Shop of Lemon Myrtle. Soaps, hand creams, leaves, oil & anything else you can think of. When money was spent we headed off again to our lunch time stop, during the journey the rain started again. 
We arrived at a local Services Club in Bowraville where they had our booking for lunch. Orders were taken & then served, quite a filling lunch. The rain hadn’t abated though.
Pictures were taken of the cars & drivers (Morris Minors) in the rain then down the road to a local museum. It was one of the best Museums I have been too. It was certainly value for money worth another visit. 
The trip home was very wet to say the least but we got there, only to find our dining area was completely flooded but the intrepid cleaners (not me), got too & swept out the area & got it all tidy for dinner that evening.
Well the RAIN wouldn’t stop it simply poured all night. In the morning (Monday) those who were going had their egg & bacon breakfast & packed & headed off. George & June decided they should leave early with their caravan as it was getting quite wet underfoot. No, he didn’t get bogged but if they stayed any longer they would have. Ted & Wendy & Jeff also left. 
Peter & I decided to stay till after lunch in the hope the rain would abate but to no avail, once we were on the road home the heavens decided to open up although it was heavy & very heavy in places we were able to get home safely. 
We did enjoy the weekend the weather did dampen things a bit but the company & friendships made up for it.  Thanks to Colin & Rhonda you put on a great weekend.  It is appreciated by all. 

Stanwell Park

It was a lovely day that greeted us so off we set to meet up with Dennis & Betty at Bulli & whilst there as we waited for Ted & Wendy we saw Pat & Rose go by with the trailer with the gazebos. There was a lot of traffic on the road. We wondered where they were going. But on our trip to Stanwell Park, the Coledale School Markets were on & no parking to be had anywhere, so was that where all the cars were going to? At Stanwell Park we secured our area for the BBQ & then George & June arrived. They had with them their Granddaughter & her Scottish boyfriend who both had just recently arrived from England.  It was a very pleasant day just sitting, talking & cooking lunch. As the time was going fast we decided to leave before the sun disappeared but what a wonderful day the sunshine & company was great.

Kangaroo Valley Memorial Run.

The morning was sunny but cold, we all hoped it wouldn’t RAIN, The journey to Berry was good & the well deserved hot drink & donuts was in order while others arrived. Then off to the Valley, with Peter & I in the lead. This was one on the worst trips I have ever had going into the Valley (in over thirty years).It was because of the stupid other drivers coming the other way who thought that they obviously paid more road tax than we did. THEY WANTED THE ENTIRE ROAD!!!!! We nearly had a couple of head on accidents with them! But once getting to Bendeela Pondage the weather was brighter & company great & the food delicious. We left before it turned cooler just as the sun decided to go down behind the mountains.
Another great day had by all.

‘An evening with shannons’
who will update us with the latest information on what’s happening in insurance for heritage motor vehicles.                                                                                                                                                      Saturday evening,  
20 February, 2010,
from 7pm to 7.30 pm.
Light refreshments will be served.


Mothers polish will be showing car care Products.
This event will be held at Australian Motorlife museum,
Darkes rd,  Kembla Grange.
Rsvp    13 February. 2010
PHONE: 02-42614100
EMAIL: motorlifei@bIsuond.com.au

Australian MOTORLIFE Museum.

Second sale of surplus items
Sunday 14 February 2010, 8am to 2.3Opm, at the Museum
Integral Energy Recreation Park
Darkes Rd. Kembla Grange. (Wollongong suburb)

Instruments, lights, radiators, horns, pourers, petrol boxes
and much, much more.
      Mostly from the 1920’s, some earlier, some later
All sold as is.
Food & drinks available

Previous News
We are settling in with the change 6 months ago.  Wollongong / Illawarra have joined in with the main body on runs to get to know you as well them us.
Our runs coming up the Har’s Day will also be a run for our main body so we hope to see them attend in numbers; unfortunately I cannot attend (family matters).  They have also made Robertson Railway Heritage Day a joint run.  Our run to Burragorang will be lead by Pat (the Rat) Fagan, I know how and where he got the “Propellers”, I’ll have to find out how he got the nickname “Pat the Rat”.  Also our run to Tamora will have to be put off for a later time as their Flight Day doesn’t co enside with the month we were going.  Then there is the run to Thirlmere which will have to wait until after April due to Fire Restrictions

Heard through the grapevine that Colin Stewart had a short stay in hospital and that Rosalynd has been keeping in contact with Patricia and he is home and is slowly recovering.
For those who weren’t at our December meeting we were surprised that Santa gave us a visit.  I hope the photo’s that were taken will be in the Newsletter

 Hope you all had a lovely Christmas with family and friends and hope the forth coming year will be     better than the last.

Peter McGibbon

Christmas at the Fagan’s.

Friday 11th December 2009

Scrooge was sat in his usual place when the guests arrived.
Actually I was getting the tables and chairs out of the shed with the help of Ian ready for the night, whatever the night would bring.
One by one the merry Morrie people arrived, the festive lights were on; Rose had
done her magic with two trifles. We also had a lovely cheese cake and mince pies etc.
Every one more or less brought their own food, however, several of us got to gether to get chickens cut into eight and shared the cost between us.
You would not believe the trouble I had to put that into action, getting Mcdonald’s for the kids and chicken for us. (Why is it that some people in a queue of 10 people deep, arrive at the counter, THEN decide what to have?) Anyway, on arrival with the spoils, I received a big cheer from the old skeletons sat at the table.
We had a very pleasant night, 17 in all in attendance.
Most people had departed by 10-00 pm and after a bit of cleaning up, I was studying the backs of my eyelids by 11-00 pm with the odd release of pressure.
Pat the Rat.

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