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  • Wingham -  Wilf & Margaret Slater, ph 02 6557-0456
  • Kempsey - Colin Trusler & Rhonda Wilkinson, ph 02 6562-4031 - kempsey@morrisminornsw.org.au
  • Grafton - John & Judith Pullinger, Ph 02 6642-4542

Latest News - 2012

Outings report week end of August 25th & 26th

      What a great weekend, Morris Minor owners that were unable to take the trek down to Sydney for the All British day found amusement  locally. On Saturday 25th Yarrahapinni Festival was held at Stuarts Point, this is a Bi annual event. I am please to say that of the seven vehicles on display there, three were Morris Minors. Vic Davis, Kevin & Shirley Rogerson and Donna & Tony Lambert, apparently the award of the day was a close run contest between Vic Davis’s Minor and a very early Chev’ truck, the truck won on a count back of Cheers !!
      Further down the coast on Sunday 26th a local café in the Taree area had a celebratory day, so three members from Wingham went along, Jumbo & Eileen. Wilf  & Margaret Slater and Gary & Helen Fowler, they had a interesting day talking to local and catching up with some people from there past.
    Even further south, Phil Bray & Barbara and myself & Rhonda went down to Kings School at North Parramatta, for the All British Display Day, what a great day, it was a pleasure for Rhonda & I to catch up with Sydney based members and other friends over the weekend, of special note, good to see Barry Parsons out & about. Thanks Brian & Deb for bringing him along.
Joanna paid us a visit and asked about her car, which now resides with Wilf in Wingham, Rod & Marilyn viewed their car which Phil Bray now owns in Port Macquarie, great to see these ex owners still showing an interest in their old cars.
    We will be back next year with MMI00Q hopefully completed.

Colin Trusler.

Outings report August 19th.

What a great day greeted us when we left to go to Wauchope, sun shining and a promise of 20 degrees, I caught up with Kevin & Shirley Rogerson at South Kempsey, we travelled down the highway then out through Pembroke, arriving at the Wauchope show ground where we were greeted by Jumbo & Eileen, Wilf Slater, Phil Bray, Gary Fowler and his Brother, as we exchanged greetings Roger & Prim Brailey arrived followed closely by Max Spurway, Molly was coming along with the family later. Then Royce Jago and last but not least our new members Tony & Donna Lambert from South West Rocks.
10 Morris Minors in total, a great effort by our members, and the Timbertown Oily Steam Club our hosts gave us a prime position. In which to display our cars. My thanks also to John Ballard for our new sign advertising the Mid North Coast Morris Minor Club, it took pride of place in front of Jumbo’s car.
There was an array of trucks, machinery, tractors and cars to keep the men happy, whilst there were also market stalls for the ladies, with country music playing in the background, well priced food was also available for those who did not bring their lunch. At 1.00pm there was a parade of vehicles around the showground, only Max Spurway & myself took our vehicles into it. The other looked on as spectators, after that members started to head for home, as I have had no reports I presume they all got there safely. By the way there were apologies from Margaret, Helen, Rhonda and George & Noel Perdrisat, we trust they are all feeling a bit better now.

Colin Trusler.

Outing report, Sunday July 15th.

This was a combine outing with Kempsey Macleay Auto Restorers Club, where there was great role up of KMARC members and a few Morris Minor Club members. Who are member of both clubs.
We had a total of 5 Morris Minors to start with but alas one failed to proceed or rather Glen Baker & Lesley elected not to chance it with a leaking top hose, swapping it for a modern, good move that. Members with their cars were, Colin & Rhonda, George & Noel Perdrisat, Steve & Doreen Vandersee and Glen & Elaine Brown.
Out first stop was for morning tea at Willawarrin showground, then we journey upto Bellbrook arriving in plenty of time to get a drink and be seated  in the pub, we had reserved seating for 40 people and ended up with a total of 43, the company was good as was the food and service.
Fully sated we all made our way back down from Bellbrook and to our respective homes.

Colin Trusler.

Hat Head Rally May 4th to 6th.

Members may be aware that this event is organised by the Kempsey Macleay Auto Restorers club, this year it was the 15th rally, which is based in the small seaside village of Hat Head, in the Macleay Valley.
The weather for this event was very kind to us, with sunshine and no rain over the whole weekend.
Friday evening saw entrants enjoy an informal BBQ sandwich with salad, there was also entertainment within the Hat Head Bowling club.
Saturday morning entrants gathered at the day area adjacent to the Hat Head caravan park and were treated to morning tea in the outdoor area of the Hat head Club.
10.00am saw the 90 plus vehicles depart for a tour around the local area, arriving at the Kempsey Show ground, where their vehicles were put on display in the arena, vehicles were grouped by 10 year periods, with the 1970 plus vehicles group extended to include vehicles upto 1982.
The oldest vehicle to attend was Col Perry’s 1911 Model T from the Central Coast.
Whilst lunch was being enjoyed the Kempsey Silver band entertained the entrants, then the entrants filled out the people choice judging cards, prior to departing back to Hat Head.
Saturday evening was the presentation dinner held in the Hat Head Club.
Sunday bacon & egg sandwiches were provided for breakfast prior to entrants departing on a run out through South West Rocks, then on their return morning tea was provided at the caravan park shelter shed, after that Kempsey Macleay Club members relaxed as they waved farewell to the entrants and wished the a safe journey home.

Morris Minor club members who attended were, George & Noel Perdrisat, Vic Davis, Jim Kline & Auriel Smart, Geoff & Beth Larkham, David & Robyn Smith driving his Riley RME, Colin & Rhonda in a modern, Frank & Judy Thompson driving their Jag, Kevin & Shirley Wilson in a modern, Glen & Elaine Brown, Steve & Doreen Vandersee.

Congratulation to Geoff & Beth Larkham for winning the  1960 -69 category with their 1969 Traveller.

Colin Trusler.


Well, another promising day greeted us as we arrived at South Kempsey, a little earlier
than normal, but seeing that we were travelling would be beneficial to get there before 10.00 am.
Our allotted departure time was 9.00 am so off we went forming a rather loose convoy, but at least we were not causing delays to fellow motorists.
down to Wauchope Showground, it
Upon our arrival we were directed to a parking area, where we were greeted by fellow Morris Mi- nor owners who had arrived earlier and suc- ceeded in getting a park in the shade. Late arri- vals from our club and the Kempsey Macleay Club swelled our ranks to a total of 19 vehicles, with 31 people, a good show for the combined Clubs.
As promised by the Oily Steam club, there were some trucks on display along with sta- tionary engines, motor bikes and classic cars. Food was available along with drinks at a reasonable price. The main hall had an interesting display of artefacts from early peri- ods along with some more bikes and cars.
Nostalgic movies were put on in the hall from 1.00 pm, some of which were very interest- ing, particularly when you saw the incline the dozers worked on hauling cedar logs out of the valleys. I almost forgot, free popcorn was handed out, along with lucky door tickets and spot prizes. Alas, none of our people won any, but we did have a great day and we enjoyed our cars and seeing other people and their vehicles.
Members who attended on the day were: Steve Vandersee, Glen & Elaine Brown, Colin Trusler, Jeff Sinclair, Wilf Slater, Garry Fowler, Roger & Prim Brailey, Max Spurway & Ron, Phil Bray, Vic Davis, Frank & Judy Thompson and our new regional members from Wingham, Brian & Kae Lane


This was our first outing of the year and the weather was kind to us. Morning tea at Ri- cardo’s Tomatoes was our first stop, where 7 Morris Minors gathered in the car park whilst their enthusiastic owners enjoyed morning tea in the café.
Owners fully sated and the cars rested up we proceeded via Port Macquarie down the coast road to Pilot Beach, taking in the spectacular views and acknowledging the admiring waves of fellow motorists - Morris Minors do that to people you know!
Arriving at Pilot Beach we were greeted by a further array of Morris Minors, we now had a total of 10 cars, plus David & Samuel Lynch who travelled with Garry Fowler (their Ute is under resto). Plenty of discussions and more admiring spectators, lots of opportunities to talk about our cars.
After lunch people started to make their way home, and by all accounts they all arrived safely. A lovely relaxing day, thanks to everybody who came for the day.

News - 2011

Wauchope run Sunday December 4th.

The day looked promising when we started to assemble opposite the tourist information centre at South Kempsey. When Rhonda and I arrived we were greeted by George & Noel Perdrisat, we were shortly joined by other members, in no particular order they were, Kevin & Shirley Rogerson sporting a new sun visor, they also recently had the roof on their 1000 resprayed, looks good! Vic Davis, Steve & Doreen Vandersee.

We formed a convoy of 5 Morris Minors and travelled down the highway and into Wauchope via the Oxley highway, a lot smoother ride than going via Pembroke.
Our timing must have been perfect for as we arrived at Bain Park members from Wingham and Port Macquarie had just arrived. Wilf & Margaret Slater, Jumbo Pereira & Eileen Kerr, Roger & Prim Brailey and Phil Bray. Whilst we were having morning tea a couple of interested viewers were spotted around our cars, after introductions it was discovered that both of these viewers had Morris Minors, John Haldane form Kew who is currently building a modified 1000 in the Men’s shed at Kendall, and Peter Knox-Dick from Hillville Nr Taree, who is restoring a 1970 Convertible. I also gathered that a pretty Morris utility was parked near by in another park, off I went in search of the ute and soon I found Max & Molly Spurway sitting in the shade of a tree enjoying morning tea, Max had not completely read the directions on where to come, when they joined us, we reached double figures with 10 Morris Minors parked in a row.

During the morning the ladies visited the Wauchope Co-op store, which is one of those splendid country stores that sell everything, whilst the men looked under bonnets and talked cars. During the lunch period Colin presented mileage trophies to Max, Phil & Roger, then Rhonda handed out tickets for the lucky door prizes, the Christmas hampers were won by Phil Bray & Colin Trusler and Prim Brailey won the lions Christmas cake.

Other members who were unable to make the day were, Greg Howard, Royce Jago, Stuart Maytom, Frank & Judy Thompson and last but not least Garry & Helen Fowler, Helen, we hope your are making a full recovery after your operation.

A very enjoyable day with good company and the weather stayed fine. Since this outing  Peter Knox-Dick has joined our club welcome Peter, we look forward to seeing more of you.

Colin Trusler.

Tamworth Weekend 28th-30th October.

Most people who were travelling any distance to Tamworth had elected to arrive on the Friday afternoon, Rhonda & I set off Friday morning arriving at Walcha in time for a leisurely lunch then proceeded onto the Austin caravan park at Tamworth. When we checked in we were told Jumbo and Eileen had already arrived, during the course of the afternoon others followed us in, Wilf & Margaret, Garry & Helen arrived in their nicely restored 1000 ute, first outing for this vehicle very impressive. Jeff who had travelled down from Queensland and Brian & Deb who had driven up from Minto, in their modern.

All unpacked we settled down for refreshments in the BBQ area just behind our cabins and to catch up on the latest news and waited for the local members to arrive.
    Jim Kline & Auriel Smart arrived in their 4 wheel drive, they were immediately forgiven as they had brought along all the food and accessories for the BBQ, David Smith presented himself in his 1.5ltr RME Riley, he has a 1000 ute under restoration, we were also joined by Brian Orman and his son Phillip driving a nice series 2, Brian is a member of the Tamworth Vintage Car Club, who came along to see & talk Morris Minors, hopefully he may elect to join us in the future. Jim & David took on the roles of chefs for the evening, they did well and Auriel prepared and provided us with desserts.

    Saturday morning was an activity free time, most of the fellows elected to visit Jim's shed then go next door and see David's shed, Jim has a Traveller under restoration and also a 2.5ltr Riley waiting in the wings, David has quite a bit more in his shed, 4 motor bikes that I spotted, a Model T Ford, Cooper S, Dodge, Triumph Herald Coupe, his 1000 ute Restoration and the 1.5 Riley, Jeff Sinclair was given a ride around the block in the Model T.
    We gathered back at the caravan park at noon and were then joined by local member Geoff Larkham and his 1000 Traveller and Norm & Carol Egan who came down from Armidale with their beautifully restored 1000 sedan. Jim & Auriel led us off this time in their well presented 1000 sedan. We travelled out to Dungowan Hotel, where we were greeted by Eric Stringer from Werris Creek with his 57 1000 sedan. A pleasant lunch followed by a visit to the local craft gallery, then we returned back to Tamworth to see the Entertainment centre, Equine centre, Truckies memorial and the Golden Guitar.

    Dinner was held in the Oasis Hotel, luckily for the drinkers this was located adjacent to the caravan park, wholesome country pub food and plenty of story telling ensued.

    Sunday morning we assembled for a 8.30 departure then headed off to Walcha to join in the food & wine festival. We were allotted an area for parking by the local Shannons organiser Roddy, then we took our different ways looking around at the various displays and activities and food stalls, Brian & Phillip arrived a bit later on this time driving a series 2 convertible.

After lunch we then departed to all points of the compass on our journeys home.

Over the weekend we had a total of 10 different Morris Minors participating, in addition to those who could make it, we also had apologies from Ian & Janet Price, Vic Davis, Phil Bray,Roger & Prim Brailey, Kevin & Shirley Rogerson, Steve & Doreen Vandersee and last but not least Bob & Lin Saltwell
Thanks to Jim & Auriel for organising the food and the run around the local area, it was good to spend time in Tamworth with them and other members. Look out for our next run up that way next year.

Colin Trusler.

Outing on Sunday 18th September 2011.
 Comboyne Village Spring Fair & Car Club Capers

This was a combined outing with the Kempsey Macleay Auto Restorers Club and it is the second year in which the Morris Minor Club has been involved.
The organisers are trying to bring fun back into an event with participation from entrants, a Street parade, car on a string & blind man's obstacle course, you would have also been judged if you wore period clothing to match your car, they also had various trophies for shiny chrome, youngest at heart there, enthusiasm, best presented, club display, etc.

The day was forecast to be warm and dry and indeed it was. Our day started reasonable early from Kempsey as it did for people travelling up from Wingham, with both groups meeting on the Oxley Highway at Wauchope at 8.30, we then proceeded on up to Comboyne.

    People who came from Wingham were Wilf & Margaret Slater, Garry & Helen Fowler, Phil Bray & Barbara, Jumbo & Eileen and Jumbo’s Son Robert drove Jumbo’s second car bringing his 2 children Daniel and Brianne who were accompanied by “Auntie Rita”.

Those from the Kempsey area were, George & Noel Perdrisat, Steve & Doreen Vandersee, Glen & Elaine Brown, Glen & Lesley Baker and Rhonda & Myself, 10 Morris Minors a great effort. For which we took out 2 trophies on the day. The family affair award and 3rd Place in the Club award.
    Members who were unable to attend and extended their apologies were, Roger & Prim Brailey, Stuart Maytom, Greg Howard, Vic Davis, Kevin & Shirley Rogerson and Max & Molly Spurway.

    Hard luck tales for the day were Phil Bray’s car, fuel pump failed in the parade on his Datsun powered car, Wilf borrowed a facet pump from me and jury rigged the car to get it home, Glen & Elaine ended up stuck in top gear in their Series 2 after a toilet stop in Wauchope on their way home, we succeeded in stopping the traffic so that they could get moving, they then made it back home travelling all the way in top gear, well done.

    By all accounts it was a great day and a pleasure to catch up with some members who are not always able to come along.

Our next outing is the Tamworth weekend on the 28th 29th & 30th, we are planning a BBQ on the Friday evening at the Austin caravan Park, Saturday will be a tour around the area including lunch at Dungowan tavern, followed by dinner in the Oasis Hotel and hopefully some entertainment, Sunday we will drive to Walcha to join in their food & wine festival, prior to driving home. Why not come and make a weekend of it and meet Morris Minor enthusiast from west of the range, they will make us very welcome. Accommodation can be booked at the caravan park on 6766 2380.

Please let me know if you are coming along to this event as we need to organise a few things and I can provide you with more details.

Colin Trusler, 02 6562 4031 or 0408 240 078



Crowdy Head Outing
Sunday 6th February 2011.

Fine weather greeted me as I prepared to leave Kempsey for Crowdy Head, and the weather forecast was for a scorcher, just the sort of day to be driving a black Morris Minor around the country side. Leaving the the departure point at the allotted time I formed a convoy of ONE and headed down the highway, no one to talk to this time as Rhonda was in Sydney getting ready to embark on her cruise, just the familiar sounds that a Morris makes to keep me company. I did spy a white Toyota in my rear vision mirror which followed me, after a while I recognised that it was Kevin & Shirley Rogerson from South West Rocks, Their Morrie has been somewhat disabled of late, so the modern was getting a run.

After leaving the Highway and driving through Harrington yours truly thought he knew the way, but then doubted his memory and turned around heading back into Harrington, whilst pondering the next move. I spied Frank & Judy Thompson from Forster in their Jaguar XJ, who beckoned me to follow them. Their Series 2 is very close to being completely  finished, but was not ready for this outing.

I did eventually arrive at the park in Crowdy Head to be greeted by the others who had had much more success than myself at navigating. They were all camped in the shade of a tree and the air was tempered by a strong sea breeze, which lasted all day.

Wilf & Margaret Slater, Jumbo & Eileen, Gary & Helen Fowler had all journeyed from Wingham, with their respective Morris Minors.

Roger & Prim Brailey from Port Macquarie had their newly finished Low Light out on it first club run, they had previously driven the car up from Parramatta to Port. Well done the car looks great, and it went well, shame about the brakes, well it did stop well, but alas a brake line union allowed most of the fluid to escape and this caused some concern, but was eventually fixed.

George & Noel Perdrisat also from Kempsey had driven down earlier in their Series 2 and had brought their son Ian and his wife Ann along, four adults on board and his car behaved very well.

During the course of the day Phil Bray from Port Macquarie arrived and introduced himself he is in the market for a Morris Minor and has joined the club, he certainly went away with lots of information and some points to ponder.

In total we had Six Morries, one Jaguar and 2 moderns. With apologies from Max & Molly Spurway, Steve & Doreen Vandersee, Kevin Bennett & Rita, Glen & Elaine Brown, and last but not least Rhonda.

Despite very hot temperatures away from the coast line I heard that all cars got home safe and sound.

Our next outing is the National Rally at Westport Park Port Macquarie over the Easter weekend, have you entered ??? if not there will be an area for displaying non entrants car, so please come along, we will need  volunteers to assist with set up, marshalling and judging.

After that we will be having the June long weekend gathering at Colin & Rhonda's in Kempsey. That is the 11th 12th & 13th, come and stay we have some accomodation, bring the tent, camper or caravan and enjoy sitting around the fire in the evenings. Shower, toilet and cooking facilities available, Rhonda will once again be catering, so we would appreciate a call ( 6562-4031 ) for catering purposes, runs will be organised for the Saturday & Sunday.

Colin Trusler.


News 2009

6th December, 2009 - Mid-North Coast Christmas

Morris Minors gathered at Kempsey on Sunday 6th December at 85 Inches Road, for Morning tea from 10.00am
For those that brought there swimmers has a chance to take a dip in Rhonda's new pool,
Later, BBQ facilities were offered for use for those that brought their own BYO lunch.
An invitation to any people who would like to come early and make a weekend of it, spare accommodation and plenty of room if you brought a camper or tent.
Kempey airport had  a "fly in day" on Saturday 5th, so there were lots of planes see, for those that were interested.

Wilf Slater had his Drifter 3 camper for sale, he wants $3500.00 for it, yes you can tow it behind a Morris Minor, we took ours to Perth and back, talk to him on the Sunday about his. 

Colin & Rhonda.
6562 4031.

Sunday August 2nd to Pilot Beach, Camden Head

Well once again this was a great outing, Wilf & Margaret, Steve & Doreen, David & Colleen and Colin & Rhonda all elected to go early and we stayed the Saturday night in cabins at Laurieton and enjoy the culinary delights in the restaurant at the ex servo’s club, then on the Sunday we drove the short distance to Pilot Beach via Dunbogan. What a lovely sheltered beach there at the mouth of the Camden Haven River. With good BBQ facilities and shelter, the toilets being just down the road.
We took over the big shelter shed in readiness for the arrival of what we hoped would be about 12 Morris Minors in total and their owners. Soon they started to arrive and we were not disappointed, David & Colleen with their new acquisition  a 1000 sedan which supplements the Ute under restoration. John & Kerry Riordan with their Lilac A30, it is OK they do have a Morris under restoration. Bob & Janet Brannon arrived in what I think was a Suziki, fortunately they had seen a Morris Series 2 in distress  and stopped to see what could be done, he then brought the owners Peter Knowles & Barbara along to the BBQ. Colin ventured back with them to see if they could get the car going, no go, so it was pushed into a very nice ladies car port to await collection on another day.
After lunch Colin presented Wilf & Margaret Slater and Steve & Doreen Vandersee with their 1000 mile trophy and the plaques for the 2009 National rally. Other people in attendance not mentioned above were, Garry & Helen Fowler Morris 1000, Vic Davis Morris 1000, Jumbo Pereira & Eileen Series 2, Kevin & Shirley Rogerson Morris 1000, John & Pam Wilson Morris 1000, Stuart & Robin Maytom Morris 1000, Max & Molly Spurway Series 2 Ute, Adrian & Elaine Harveyson Modern, George & Noel Perdrisat Series 2.
In total we had 13 Morris minors, including the broken one, plus an Austin A30 and 2 moderns, a great turn out, hopefully we convinced a couple more people to join our membership ranks, I am sure that if our outing days continue with this level of success and camaraderie we will get even more people on board.
Our next run is scheduled for October 11th, please contact either Colin 6562 4031 or John Pullinger  6642 4542, however we will be in touch with you as destination is yet to be confirmed, we will be traveling to North of Coffs Harbour to encourage our Grafton members and potential members in the area to come along and join us.
We also intend to have a run on Sunday 6th December, this will be Kempsey based, we will keep you posted on this one.

Colin Trusler.

2nd August, 2009

For our next outing, we will be having a BYO morning tea followed by BYO BBQ/Picnic lunch, we will be going to,
Pilot Beach picnic area, Camden Head Road, Camden Head, Nr Laurieton. Good bathing & picnic area, there is  Diamond Waters caravan park 6559-9334 near by if you wish to stay over.
We will be gathering there from approximately 10.00am and staying through till sometime after 2.00pm, so please come along if you can, even bring your modern car, you will be most welcome.
You may remember this was the destination of first outing in 2009, which we had to change, hopefully this time we will actually get there. If you are planning on staying overnight prior to the Sunday please let me know, then I may get a few of us together for dinner on the Saturday somewhere local.

June 6th & 7th 2009
Queen's Birthday Long Weekend @ Kempsey

Photo Gallery

April 4th, 5th 6th & 7th 2009

Photo Gallery 


Well Rhonda & I thought we were well organised for the arrival of our transient guests as they stopped over on the way to Brisbane, our campers were put up, caravans borrowed & owned were set up, beds made and a few last minute chores and all would be ready, then down came the rain, a 101 millimetres in the 24 hours upto 7.00am Sunday. Thanks to Steve Vandersee, a trailer load of gravel improved a walk way.
Guests started to arrive Friday, with more on Saturday and Sunday. At one stage we had 20 people staying here, from as far away as Dubbo, Wollongong, Sydney suburbs, Brisbane & Hertfordshire (UK) plus local members and interested parties visiting. We organised BBQ dinners both Saturday & Sunday, with a run out to South West Rocks for lunch on Sunday, where we had 14 Morris Minors lined up in the car park. Thanks to Kevin Bennett for reserving an area for us. Our list of house guests were, Peter & Ros McGibbon, Jeff Sinclair, John & Sue Ballard, Peggy & George Draper ( Andy’s parents from UK ) Terry & Fay Cullen, Martin & Marion Chapman, Rod & Marilyn Tobin, Brian & Debbie Condon, Graeme & Sue Gould and last but not least Les Whale.

Local guests who attended at some time over the weekend were, George Perdrisat, Adrian & Elaine Harveyson, Steve & Doreen Vandersee, Kevin Bennett & Rita, John & Pam Wilson, Kevin & Shirley Rogerson, Bob & Janet Brannon.

Colin organised a couple of mystery objects to keep people guessing on the Saturday evening, Rhonda organised the food and did cooking duties for both evenings and did a great job, Colin, Rod & Peter assisted with the BBQ duties.

Martin & John utilized their skills replacing the radio in Colin’s car. No way was Rhonda traveling without music. The local Wallabies visited in the mornings looking for their slice of bread, John fixed the outside sensor light, then the outside shower light, marvelous what odd jobs get done when people visit.

Monday morning saw us all scampering around to get ready for a 9.30 departure, as we had organised to meet Wilf & Margaret Slater, Jumbo Pereira & Eileen, Steve & Doreen Vandersee in their Morris Minors at the Clybucca service station, at 10.00. Progressively we all got away and made it to Clybucca, where we fueled up for the journey to Ballina. Kevin & Shirley Rogerson made the trip out to Clybucca from South West Rocks to see us all off and wish us well on the trip.

This time we did not travel in a large convoy but broke it up into smaller groups, we knew our next destination was Grafton and we knew what time we were expected, so off we all went, Graeme & Sue were organised to collect our lunches from the bakery in Grafton and the balance of us met in Corcoran Park, where we succeeded in parking under the only rain cloud in Grafton. A reporter and photographer from the local paper attended and chattered with us as did some local car club members, then we lined up for a photo shoot, prior to enjoying our lunch.

Thanks must be extended to John & Judith Pullinger our Grafton Members for organising the sandwiches and cakes and for recommending the park, a very pleasant venue by the river side. Having sated our appetites we all proceeded to leave for our next stop which was Ballina.

In Ballina, we had a two night stop over. The caravan park was excellent, the wind was  blustery and the first night it rained very hard, we dined at the local club and then retired to various vantage points in the van park, for discussions on the benefits of drinking port.

On our second day Morris Minors went off in all directions to satisfy various owners needs & desires.

We all gathered again at the van park in the mid afternoon, where we proceeded to the 18 hole mini golf course, groups of four teed off and we dutifully kept score as we worked our way to the 19th hole. Several players managed holes in one and occasionally others made it into double figures.

After our round of golf, thirst & hunger took over and led us to the camp kitchen. Where we discussed the days events following dinner, presentations were made to Graeme for the lowest round & Doreen for the highest round, despite a hole in one being scored.

Much sought after Morris Minor keys were promised as trophies for the two winners, to be distributed later.

The next morning was the journey from Ballina to Aspley, again we traveled in smaller groups, stopping off at various sight seeing points along the way, we all successfully arrived at the van park in Aspley.
From here it is another story, someone else will fill in the events. Needless to say we enjoyed ourselves.

For those of you who called in at Kempsey, our thanks go to you all, both members and visitors, we enjoyed your company, loved seeing your cars and we appreciated all your help, come back in June and spend the long weekend with us, you will be more than welcome.

Colin Trusler & Rhonda Wilkinson.

September 13th, 2008

The first meeting we have attended a Motorfest event at Port Macquarie, 5 cars attend this.

August 24th, 2008

We held the inaugural meeting of the Mid North Coast regional hub. The meeting was attended by 22 people in total. We had 11 Morris Minors, a Morris 8 Ute and a Healey 3000 plus one modern, a great turn out, we also had a further 6 apologies.

Extended morning tea from 10.00am supplemented with various sweet delights brought along by the visitors. With the usual mandatory vehicle inspections once the bonnets were raised. This was followed by BBQ lunch provided by Colin & Rhonda.
Mid North Coast Members

Mid North Coast Members

Discussion ensued regarding the large area to be covered and the potential distances to come to a run, it was agreed that within the mid north coast, we would break it up into zones, initially these would be Wingham, Kempsey, Coffs Harbour and Grafton.

volunteers were called for and the following people raised their hands as

Wingham -  Wilf & Margaret Slater, ph 6557-0456
Kempsey - Colin Trusler & Rhonda Wilkinson, ph 6562-4031
Coffs Harbour - Laura & Jeffrey McKenzie, ph 6650-0331
Grafton - TBA, Colin will discuss with John Pullinger on his return from holiday.



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