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The weather threatened this weekend away, with flood warnings for several ar- eas around the state, but the news by Thursday night was everything was still on. A few pulled out from Wollongong and the Mid North Coast Regions, but all oth- ers set off and made it through to Wellington
by the Friday evening.
Despite the cancellation of the Vintage Fair & Swap Meet on the Sunday, it was still a wonderful weekend, with splendid meals, lots of good conversation and plenty of fun.
Many more words about the weekend can be found elsewhere in this issue. So just a big “Thankyou!” to John & Sue Ballard for organising this event again, including the meal preparation and organisation. We all appreciated it very much.

News - 2011

Mc Feeters Car Show  Forbes Run. 2nd October
We had changed this date but still managed to get the numbers. Tom and Maureen Sue and myself and Marie/ Elisha left Dubbo about 8 am catching up with Barrie and Joyce Mann, Ian Fleming with his daughter at Macca,s
After refreshing we headed for the event at Forbes adjacent the Lake. Where well over 200 cars, bikes and tractors were on display with the Monaro Car Club a highlight.
Barrie had his car in the judging the rest set up a few rows back. With Ian in the Monaro and Tom in his newly acquired Datsun 1200 Ute.
After lunch, the judging and presentations we all headed for the McFeeters Car Museum to look at the exhibits
A big range of cars on show here for a privately owned museum, and well worth a look if you are over this way. We were given a Club Discount on entry
Of special interest was the Kia Elan Sports car a plastic bodied car that was produced for USA market then found to be too light and lifted of the road at speed. All prototypes were destroyed except this one. ( now there is constant pressure from Kia to purchase it back) and yes there was a Morris Minor( see photo) a series 5 Traveller in need of a restoration
We all had afternoon tea there then  headed home.

Parkes Swap Meet 16th October.
Some apologies for this run Tom Deveignes. waiting for new seats, sway bar etc. Elisha with other commitments, Sue not available, left me heading for Parkes on my own.
When I arrived there was Ian Fleming all set up and with space for me, Barrie & Joyce Mann was there of course, but without the little black car .He had bought out his three Ford Mustangs yes not a misprint THREE Mustangs (see Photos).
Also caught up with Mike and Mitch Wilson Club Members and John Stachan from the Nepean Club.
The Wilsons picked up a set of Torana disc callipers suitable for Morris Minors for a
Princely sum of  $20 dollars.  

Members Cars.   
Tony Pavert ( Young) has spend some time on his front and rear suspensions renewing rubbers and finding out what happens if you are a spline out on the torsion bars. (We have all been there.)  Also has had some progress on his Utility
A trip to check cars from the Southern Highland Club at Boorowa, Running of the Sheep Event solved some of his Utility disassemble problems.

Tom Deveigne has now fitted his long awaited for front sway bar, reupholstered front seats, 3.9 diff etc, etc.
Should be at NRMA Motorfest in all its new splendour.

Elisha Adams has  finished her H.S.C. Her car if still often seen outside her place of part time employ.
I believe she is asking “Santa” for a set of carpets.
I have not done much on my units the last month.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

John & Sue

Having our long postponed trip to Lord Howe Island has left me away from the
 “ Morris Scene” and with no input from fellow members I have a very small report.
Interestingly  there was a good looking Morris Minor Ute on Lord Howe some years ago in constant use. Museum photos showed it in good condition. My enquiries as to it whereabouts led me to the knowledge that all old cars, machinery etc. are shipped back to the mainland and not left laying around. Perhaps someone in Brisbane ( ships port)has restored it.

Dubbo Swap Meet
Unfortunately this was the weekend I was in Sydney for my post op appointment and with some cars off the road ( Tom Deveigne Ian Fleming) Barrie Mann on a Charity run Elisha working etc. we had not entries. Well maybe next year.

I would like to ask for more input for the magazine stories and photos or any ideas, it is hard to fill the pages every two months especially if you have been away.

Members Cars.   
Last heard from Don Gorton he was fitting new master cylinder presume that is now complete
Ian Fleming is still extending carport for proposed respray.
New member Tony Pavert has been restoring from suspension and brakes in his series two sedan.
Elisha Adams car has been seen taking here to school and part time work, but alas!
she has failed here fitness test ( the Car not the girl)  apparently she has succumbed to old age wobbley  knees, juddery movement, and not too bright. this should be all cleared up by new shock rubbers, new universals and a brake light switch.
Tom Deveigne has fitted new Ford bases vented disc brakes and awaiting a new front sway bar , plus more chrome and polished stainless bsck on the road soon.
I am still slowly progressing with my ute.

Long Time Member
I had the opportunity to visit Lex  Bramble and his Morris 1000 ute. Lex has member No 123 and has been a member for at least 18 years.
The ute was found on a farm out from Wellington towards Yeovil and came complete with dirt, dust and a dead cat.
Sandblasted it was found to be basically rust free and was repainted in a pleasant blue colour.
The car is fitted with a1098cc +40 thou motor, with twin SU,s and a mild race cam .
It started and ran with a nice note and a cammy idle. The drive train is completed with a five speed Toyota gearbox and a 4.22 fine spline diff donated from a Major Elite.
And lastly a55 litre fuel tant Ford Escort and telescopic front shocks.
I was impressed with the finish of the rear tub section with checker plate floor and speckle paint.. The Number plates LEX 229 add to finish
Those who have attended the earlier rally's would know this car.

Manildra Trip to the Amusu Theatre, 19 June

This trip involved a visit to Australia's oldest operational picture theatre! Opened in 1936 it still shows new release movies in Art Deco surrounds. The theatre also holds a collection of memorabilia that evokes rural NSW in the mid 20th century.
We had a few late cancellations: Elisha was playing her violin in the Eisteddfod and a couple of Morries were out of action including the Gorton’s and Deveigne’s.
We set off from Dubbo and stopped at Molong for morning tea, meeting Don & Wendy and a new Morris owner, Tony Pavert, from Young. My car was in the hands of my “home nurse”, as I was still not allowed to drive. (Her first drive too!)
Arriving at Manildra to set up, there we found yet another new Morrie belonging
to a Lisa Firth from Orange. With mine, the two new ones and Barrie Mann’s
coming up from Parkes, we had four on display amongst the other 50 or so cars
in attendance from other Car Clubs. The movie was " Guess Who’s Coming to
Dinner", a great old classic, and as we sat in the old canvas seats it only broke
down once! Of course, Jaffas were on sale.
Other members who attended the outing included Tom & Maureen Deveigne and John Kellehear in their moderns.
Restoration and Repairs:    Whilst many are working on their cars, Elisha's has been seen all over town and is still looking great. A real credit to her.
Tom's has been pulled down since the Rally and fitted with a new 3.9 diff, and a complete new front end including steering rack, new swivel pins and trunnions, rubbers, etc, as well as re-trimmed front seats.
Elisha’s Morrie doing the shopping at IGA    WIP: Tom & Maureen’s, minus front suspension
Ian Fleming is extending his carport in Mudgee in preparation for a respray. Don Gorton in Orange is having his master cylinder replaced with a dual circuit unit, and I will be giving my car some overdue TLC on the weekends in late July.

National Rally 2013

I know the dust is still settling since the 15th Rally but it is never too early to plan.
I had the opportunity to travel to the Southern Highlands during my recuperation time. So we went to Moss Vale and made some accommodation enquiries resulting in a booking at the Moss Vale Village Caravan Park (Phone 4868 1099). To date eight Club members have booked with some of us taking our caravans down. I can only say the cabins looked A1 inside and out.

Well, with a lot of support from President Graeme & the Committee, and the Editor, the MMCC of NSW now has its third regional group: The Central West. Our first outing and meeting was held in Dubbo at the Tourist Information Centre on Sunday 11th April. A picnic lunch was attended by 6 members displaying 4 cars.
There were a total of 11 people present, including:
Barrie & Joyce Mann who had travelled the furthest from Parkes in their beautifully painted black 4 door and are very keen to help wherever possible.
John & Val Kellehear, long time members and veterans of the Club who displayed their blue Datsun-powered daily driver.
John & Sue Ballard in our 4 door, which was kept on the road for this day before pulling the motor out for an upgrade.
Tom & Maureen Deveigne, new Club members who have purchased a very well restored 2 door in Camden Cream. This car was restored by an acquaintance of mine who recently passed away. Tom spotted the car whilst at a garage sale and bought the car before it went to Sydney as part of the estate. Tom just oozes with enthusiasm for his new car. In just a few weeks of ownership he has fitted new exhaust and extractors, ordered seat belts from the UK, purchased a 4.22 diff and bought another Minor to use its 9 inch drums and heater.
William Ballard, who feels his very quick (read 84 bhp) 1100cc 2 door should be up and running by the end of the year.
Maree & Elisha Adams, long time members who are currently getting their car out of mothballs for Elisha to learn to drive. Some Club members may remember Maree - she continued on with her late husband’s car attending many outings including National Rallies. I had the pleasure of doing a spray painting course with the late Greg Adams as we restored our Minors.

Of course there were some apologies to note: Ian Fleming (Mudgee), Rob & Rae Keen (Orange) and Don & Wendy Gorton (Orange). Not wanting to re-invent the wheel, we decided to have bimonthly runs incorporating currently organised events, with space to join up with major events like Gnoo Blas, Shannon’s Eastern Creek and the National Rally. The day proved to be another great social time with members enjoying each others company, experiences and knowledge, and of course the four Minors on display proved yet again to draw the crowds.

John Ballard

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